What to expect in a class?

What to expect in a class?

Each class begins with Chi Kung (John Ding Yeung San Hey Kung I) to centralise the Chi. This is a type of standing meditation, to calm the mind, sink the chi to the Dan Tien and improve strength and balance.


Centralising energy

This is followed by core relaxation exercises. These loosen joints, stretch muscles, moving the Chi, and awakening the fascia, ligaments and organs.

Next is circulating energy by learning the John Ding Yang style Tai Chi Chuan foundation form (JDF). This circulates Chi through various postures in a continuous flowing movement.


Circulating energy 

  In order to experience Tai Chi principles in practice there is the option of partner work, where we gently help each other develop with the testing of Tai Chi postures to ensure that they are strong, stable and at their most powerful with the application of Chi.

Applied energy 

 The classes are non-competitive, relaxed, informal and fun.

For people who want to continue their Tai Chi journey after the foundation form, they can progress on to learning the Yang style long form. Students can also attend workshops and retreats in Ireland, UK and Europe.

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