Adult Beginners Introductory Tai Chi Course

Adult Beginners Introductory Tai Chi Course

This 6-week introductory course is designed to give beginners a good basic understanding and insight in to the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi  – Strong Body, Still Mind. (What is Tai Chi?)

New students attend one 60 minute lesson per week over a period of Six weeks.  Each lesson consists of Chi Kung – a standing  meditation and a set of moving conditioning exercises. After that is the Tai Chi form, a series of Tai Chi postures and sequences. In each lesson there is a new Tai Chi sequence to be learned following on from the previous week. Therefore, attending every lesson of the 6-week course and practicing at home between classes is strongly encouraged. In the final lessons of the 6-week course, in order to experience Tai Chi principles in practice, there is the option of staying on longer for partner work.

Classes are designed to be fun and we provide a supportive, friendly atmosphere in which to learn this marvellous Chinese holistic martial art.  For more details see: (What to expect in a class?)


The fee for the Beginners’ Tai Chi Chuan course is €70 per person. Places are limited so advance booking is required. Full payment must be made on the first night prior to the start of the course. The course fee paid is non-refundable and non-transferable.


No special clothing is necessary – any loose fitting/comfortable wear is suitable. However, thin-soled soft footwear such as plimsolls or Tai Chi/Kung Fu slippers are recommended. No hard-soled outdoor shoes or boots are to be worn during lessons in the training hall.

At the completion of the introductory course, students can continue with their Tai Chi lessons every week in the regular 90 minute class.