Master Ding Academy

Master Ding Academy

Master John Ding – 6th Generation Yang Tai Chi Chuan

 Master Ding Academy exists to preserve and promote authentic Yang-style Tai Chi Chuan. The Academy has been established and founded by Master John Ding since 1990. We teach the traditional art, passed down through the Yang family lineage, from Yang Lu Chan (1799 – 1872) to the present day.

From your first session, you will learn the true skills of traditional Yang-style Tai Chi, including:

• The principles and concepts that underpin the art
• The role of internal energy and how to develop and use it
• How to still the mind

In our classes you will learn to:

• Boost your health and well-being
• Relax and strengthen your body
• Learn to move with ease and grace
• Develop better body coordination and awareness
• Learn how to stay calm in stressful situations
• Learn how to apply Tai Chi Chuan as an effective system of self-defence

MDA instructors are all trained by Master Ding, Sixth Generation master in the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan lineage. The Academy offers tradition, authenticity, depth and excellence for all levels of Tai Chi Chuan training.

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