6-week Introductory Tai Chi Form

6-week Introductory Tai Chi Form

The 6-week introductory Tai Chi course contains parts 1 and 2 of the 20-part John Ding Simplified Yang style (Foundation) Form. The video links below for each week are posture practice guides for introductory course students. 

Form Sequence (JDF Part 1): Commence / Lift & Lower Hands / Circle Hands right /(JDF Part 2): Hold the Ball right / Square left / Ward off  left / Hold the Ball left / Double Ward off / Roll Back / Press / Separate / Pull / Push.


Week 1 – Commence / Lift & Lower Hands / repeated

Week 2 – Circle Hands (right) / Hold the Ball Right / previous sequences

Week 3 – Ward Off Left / previous sequences

Week 4 – Hold the Ball Left / Double Ward Off (right) / previous sequences

Week 5 – Roll Back / Press / previous sequences

(front photos)  ROLL BACK   /   PRESS

Week 6 – Pull Back / Push / previous sequences

(front photos)  PULL BACK   /   PUSH

When using the videos try picking on one specific aspect at a time to focus your practice on, such as, arm movements or hand placements or steps, etc. A little bit of practice each day is the best way to establish it and build a good habit that will make the motivation to practice easier.


6-week Introductory Tai Chi course Form (JDF 1-2)

JDF 1 – 2 Tai Chi intro course – mirror demo

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