What is Tai Chi?

What is Tai Chi?

What is Tai Chi Chuan?

Tai Chi Chuan is a holistic art that uses internal energy (Chi) to improve general health and as a self-defence skill. To experience the famous soft power of internal energy, the initial training concentrates on slow, relaxed, flowing movements. Therefore, these movements are adaptable to many levels of health and fitness. Tai Chi Chuan has become regarded the world over as a fun and effective way to strengthen mind, body and spirit for men and women, young and old alike.

How can Tai Chi help me?

 Tai Chi invigorates you from within and helps you to feel more relaxed, refreshed and revitalised, as well as more tolerant, self-confident, and above all, happier with life. The soft relaxed, flowing series of movements in Tai Chi will change and settle you on many levels. Physically you will notice your balance improve and your body strengthen and tone.

Even with a small amount of regular practice your body’s essential internal energy (Chi) can freely circulate. This improves the health of the internal organs and both mind and body become stronger and more robust from the inside. This provides you with a strong antidote to stress.

Those busy with the daily pressures of work and home find that regular practice improves balance and strength, creates robustness and relaxation within what seems to be an ever-more complex and demanding life. There are numerous studies that show that even a small amount of Tai Chi practice can improve a wide range of health difficulties, such as: reducing blood pressure, improving bone density and range of motion in joints, improve the immune system, improve many muscle/joint disorders, speeding up recovery from injury and also lightening your mood.