Return to Training

We intend to use this page to inform students of new training protocols. The protocols are in line with those of HSE and Sport Ireland. Robert is also trained as a COVID-19 compliance officer. As health and safety is everyone’s responsibility we recommend students  complete a COVID19 awareness course:

Our primary concern is the health of our students and a safe and healthy environment can only be created in co-operation with you. Your help will be particularly important in creating a safe environment for more ‘at risk’ students. We therefore ask you to participate fully in the protocols outlined below.

Step 1: Pre Return

Before returning to class a screening form must be completed. This is a Covid19 self-declaration form sent to you by email or alternatively you can download it here and email it back with your response. This  will need to be updated as and when necessary.

Screening Form

Please email. You cannot hand in the form on the night of the class. It must be submitted prior to the class. If you have any difficulties submitting the form, contact your instructor.

Step 2: The Training Centre and Class

Implicit in your return to class is consent that your contact details can be passed on, if required, for contact tracing purposes. A register of attendance will be taken at every class. Please contact your instructor  if you will not be attending class.

Payments for courses or classes. When making cash payments, please bring exact money to reduce contact and handling.

Where applicable, follow the guidelines of the training centre you attend. Please enter and exit the building promptly.  Where possible avoid car pooling.

Observe social distancing. Use the hand sanitiser provided. With regard to face masks, we suggest wearing one, but that is a personal decision.

Arrive ready to practice. Where possible try to arrive with minimal need to change; for example leave coats in the car so changing footwear is the only requirement. We know this may not always be possible but your efforts will be appreciated.

Step 3: Post Class

Where applicable and depending on class size, leaving the class at the end of the session may be staggered. We would ask you to leave the hall promptly, observing social distancing.

The following links provide information on COVID-19 and on suggested protocols for a return to training.